UV Composites

Advanced UV curing technology revolutionizes composite component production

IST METZ a global leader in design and construction of UV Arc and UVLED , is proud to announce groundbreaking advancements in UV curing technology for polymer matrices in the production of composite components. This cutting-edge addition revolutionizes the manufacturing process, offering significant time and energy savings while maintaining exceptional quality.

UV curing has emerged as a versatile solution, applicable to a wide range of production processes, including wet lay-up techniques, vacuum infusion with UV-transparent membranes, filament winding, prepreg processes, and continuous flat processes. Unlike traditional thermal curing methods, UV curing achieves remarkable results in mere minutes instead of hours, allowing for a substantial reduction in cycle time and energy consumption.

One of the key benefits of UV formulations is their styrene-free composition. These 1K solutions possess an extended pot time of several months, eliminating the need for cooled storage. Furthermore, they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them environmentally friendly and compliant with stringent regulations.

By leveraging various radiation sources tailored to specific applications and curing strategies, IST METZ ensures optimal curing results. While the thickness of laminates is limited to approximately one inch for efficient UV application, multi-layer buildups can be considered, expanding the possibilities for composite designs.

The curing mechanism relies on either radical polymerization for acrylate-based resins or cationic polymerization for epoxies and vinyl ethers. The cross-linking density, which determines the properties of the UV-cured polymer matrix, is influenced by the intensity and duration of irradiation, as well as the curing temperature. The latest epoxyacrylates achieve mechanical characteristics on par with epoxies, guaranteeing exceptional performance in composite components.

The market provides formulations that enable the curing of both glassfiber and carbon fiber composites. These advancements are complemented by the company's expertise in designing and installing customized light sources, combining UVLED and UVARC lamps to meet the most demanding requirements efficiently. IST METZ stands as the ultimate one-stop supplier and technology expert in the field.

With over 40 years of industry experience, IST METZ is a trusted global partner, serving customers with excellence from their headquarters in Nürtingen, Germany. With a dedicated workforce of 550 professionals worldwide, the company specializes in UV and LED systems for curing inks, lacquers, adhesives, and silicones in various working widths for 2D and 3D applications. Their product portfolio also includes hot-air infrared products and Excimer technology for matting, cleaning, and surface modification. The company's UV systems find extensive applications in diverse industries such as electronics, displays, wood, medicine, automotive, cosmetics, metal, floor coverings, and energy storage.

In addition, IST METZ offers state-of-the-art lab and rental units for process development, directly assisting customers in their own laboratories and production facilities. The company's R&D department utilizes ray tracing simulations to calculate and optimize UV efficiency, radiation homogeneity, and distance characteristics, providing unmatched support for ongoing technological advancements.

With IST METZ's groundbreaking UV curing technology, the future of composite component production has arrived. Manufacturers can now benefit from faster curing times, energy savings, and exceptional quality, all made possible by IST METZ's expertise and commitment to innovation.