UV System MBS Li

Easy integration solution with aircooling

The MBS LI type UV system combines the specific requirements of the market with drying technology based on the latest technical developments in UV system manufacturing. The unit has been specially developed for applications with a high power requirement. A lamp output up to 270 W/cm guarantees optimum curing. The compact construction, with weight-optimised units, allows easy and economical integration of the UV system into the printing system or production line.


Patented URS inlay reflector
Patented URS inlay reflector technology The integrated URS technology provides optimum adaptation of the reflector geometry and the reflection properties to the production process. The URS reflectors only reflect the UV light, while the IR radiation is allowed to pass through to the air-cooled aluminium profile. These highly resistant reflectors boast an extremely long service life and optimum heat management.
Switching and control unit
Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art actuation and control technologies all established types of system control are possible. This covers all options from independent control to the complete integration into the existing system by connecting it with the machine's printing speed.
Air cooled UV unit
The complete lack of water cooling allows rapid installation and reduces maintenance costs compared to water cooled technologies.
Shutter system
In standby mode, the reflector closes and shuts off the rays to the web completely.
Heat management
Optimised air-flow and the use of a quartz-glass screen between lamp and substrate guarantees effective heatmanagent, allowing the UV system to be used with temperature-sensitive material.
Electronic power supply device ELC-X
The electronic power supply devices of the ELC-X series have been specially developed for operating UV lamps where space is at a premium. They optimise production safety in the print room and also reduce operating costs. They contain all the components for lamp ignition and process control. Electronic power control enables the UV lamps to be dimmed over a range of up to 30%. Voltage fluctuations are compensated and the high efficiency results in considerable energy savings. The compact construction means that smaller sizes of electrical supply can be used.
Maintenance friendly
All components in the unit, including the lamp, reflector, pneumatic cylinder etc., are easily accessible. The lamp can be changed without additional works or dismantling of other components.