UV technology for all applications

IST METZ GmbH presents its new water-cooled LED UV system LUV® at the trade fair which takes place for the first time ever. More than 30 years of experience in the production of conventional UV curing systems were of help in the development of this new product. The newly developed optics made of lenses that are each designed for specific applications allows for a high UV output on the substrate. The system is available in two different versions. By that, the ideal adaption to various distances between unit and substrate is made possible. The LUV® 20 is suitable for industrial printing in particular because it achieves optimum results with distances from 0-50 mm from the unit to the substrate.




With the MBS®-5 LI IST METZ also shows a conventional air-cooled UV system for industrial applications. The unit has been specially developed for applications with a high power requirement. A lamp output of up to 270 W/cm guarantees optimum curing. The cordless FLC UV Lamp System facilitates a quick and easy change of the lamps. Hence differently doped lamps, e.g. iron-doped ones, can easily be used for the curing. Furthermore, the lamp can be dimmed over a range of 30 to 100 percent.




The compact construction, with weight-optimised units, allows easy and economical integration of the UV system into all common printing systems. The integrative solution of UV unit and power supply unit requires no separate switch cabinet and hence less space. Process data can be retrieved via an Embedded Web Server.

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