Overview LED UV systems

High performance LED UV curing systems

LED technology is suitable for a whole host of application areas

This technology is used to cure inks, coatings, silicones and adhesives with UV light, offering significant potential for the printing and coating industry. Since the turn of the millennium, UV curing has not only been performed using arc lamps – LED modules have also been deployed for this purpose. IST METZ provides a range of LED UV curing systems for a variety of different requirements.

In addition to conventional UV systems, the IST METZ product range also includes a selection of LED UV curing systems for a number of industrial solutions. What makes IST METZ stand out is the delivery and integration of complete systems that are ready for operation.

LED reactive chemicals are required in order to use LED technology. These LED inks, coatings and adhesives can be cured in a fraction of a second, but must always be tailored to the substrate in question. The compact design of the LED modules used makes it possible for them to be installed in a variety of machines. Additional preparations may be required depending on the machine. We would be happy to advise you on this matter.

Once the technical requirements have been met, the LEDs offer a range of advantages compared with classic UV lamp technology. UV LED technology boasts a number of core properties, such as that it is environmentally friendly, energy saving and ready for immediate use. The LED modules also transmit only a small amount of heat to the substrate, enabling high quality processing even for heat sensitive substrates. The compact LED modules feature a particularly long service life and can also be controlled in zones, depending on where light is required on the substrate.

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Advantages of LED UV systems

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Cooperation between IST INTECH and IST METZ

Since March 1, 2023 the British company Integration Technology Ltd. has been operating under the new name IST INTECH, thus underlining its affiliation with the southern German METZ group of companies. IST INTECH will in future also develop the next generation of high-performance UV LED systems together with IST METZ.