UV LED system modulux turbo

Your product for a wide range of applications

modulux’s LED curing systems are entirely modular in design. All essential components, such as the power supply unit (PSU), controllers and light sources (LED heads) are standardized and function as independent units. This design ensures complete interchangeability of components. Customers experience significant benefits, as replacing components is easy and costeffective throughout the system’s lifetime.

Simple integration with the press

Only speed on/off signals are required for the LED curing system to operate automatically. Additionally, more interfaces are available for higher levels of integration


UV LED is economical
• minimised processing time due to dry sheets • long service life of LEDs • no warm-up and cooling-down times, immediate availability • no powder, extended cleaning intervals • protective varnish is not required • cost-saving due to format switching • lower ink consumption compared to conventional printing inks
UV LED is suitable for retrofitting your printing press
• lower investment • quicker return on investment • shorter installation times than other drying systems • significant machine value increase due to retrofit • successful certificcation and recertification to PSO/ISO 12647 possible
UV LED extends your range of applications
• brilliant colours and high contrast on diverse substrates • minimal heat transfer to the print substrate, ideal for synthetic and heat-sensitive substrates • immediate processing, reduction of delivery times • industry-leading modularity and expandability
UV LED also offers many benefits to newcomers
• instant drying of inks and coatings • no colour change • brilliant print results, perfect gloss with inline coating • higher mechanical resistance compared to oil-based colours • solvent-free ink and coating systems • easier and faster production on plastics, metallised and uncoated materials • space and time saving: short processing times since no storage space required for drying time before further processing
UV LED protects the environment and conserves resources
• no powder, ozone or mercury • no extraction required • LEDs can be switched on/off immediately, no energy use on stand-by • minimum thermal impact on the substrate and the printing machine • no additional warming of the printing room • format switching and sheet clocking



Turbo series product is widely used for the applications
  • Sheet-fed offset printing for commercial and packaging
  • Tinplate printing, varnish fi nish coating
  • High-speed commercial rotary machine
  • Color steel plate coating curing
  • Rotary screen printing curing
  • Floor, tile screen or printing curing
  • PCB solder resistance, three anti-paint curing
  • LCD screen a variety of process applications
  • General building materiels, composite boards and other coatings curing
  • Film bonding and functional coating curing

Services by IST

  • professional installation
  • regular inspectations
  • integration engineering
  • Raytracing


modulux turbo
For a wide range of applications