Produktportfolio der IST METZ GmbH für LED-Systeme

LED UV systems

The technology, with which inks, varnishes, silicones and adhesive are cured using UV light, has plenty to offer the printing and coating industry. Since the start of this millennium, LEDs have been used in addition to arc lamps for UV curing.


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BLK LEDcure is especially developed to meet the highest requirements. When compared to conventional UV systems, remarkable progress has been made in the drying performance of the BLK LEDcure without having to increase the UV output. This means greater productivity with reduced operating costs.


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The MBS range is available in two versions – one system with UV lamp and facility for a subsequent upgrade to UV LED, and one system with UV LEDs and facility for subsequent upgrade to UV lamp.


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The new UV sheet-fed-drying system represents a further optimisation of our proven technology when it comes to output and energy usage.


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