The new LEDcure SCR


IST has long been globally recognized for providing the highest performance, reliable and longest lasting UV platform in the traditional UV curing area, which is called LAMPcure. Now, UV specialist IST Metz, provides the same attributes on the LED side, something the industry has been anxious to experience.


A smart modular basic concept in combination with a robust and compact design provide the user with maximum flexibility and versatility. The length of the system can be freely scaled (90 – 540 mm) and also adapted to suit all requirements of rotary and flexo presses. The new LEDcure is the final element in the completely reengineered range of LED solutions supplied by IST in collaboration with its subsidiary Integration Technology Ltd. (ITL). Synergies between the two companies have an increasing impact here – like the XT8 booster, for instance. XT8 booster technology means that the LEDcure has up to 30% more output than currently on the market available LED systems. The LEDcure SCR is supplied as fully configured package including cables, power supply, control and chiller, full light shielding and interlocking for total safety compliance. The system will be installed by experienced IST technicians.


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High performance LEDs

LEDcure SCR is ready to use immediately after switch on, there is no warm-up or cooling times, which saves both time and energy. LEDs have a long service life, and in addition, modules in the SCR LEDcure can be easily replaced if required for either upg

Slim and compact

Slim and compact architecture enables easy integration while the water cooled feature provides a stable and precise high output, that is not affected by the local environment.

XT8 - UV LED Booster

With XT8 UV LED Booster technology, the system reaches an extremely high output and dose which greatly increases cure speeds. An extended servicelife is achieved since the semi-conductor chips are not being driven as hard when compared to other products o

Energy savings

LEDcure is immediately operational, it does not need time to warm up. Additional energy-saving potential is provided by the ability to switch off the unit during pauses in production, adapting the LED unit to the print format and the dimmable output of th