UV Transfer Center

The UV Transfer Center (UVTC) was built in May 2004. It is situated right at the IST headquaters in Nuertingen. The UVTC cooperates closely with the departments "Service" and "R & D" of IST METZ. By this institution the contact between manufacturers, the users and the partners is intensified. The main purpose of the UV Transfer Center is to provide UV knowledge and support to our customers in all aspects of UV technology. A central task of the UV Transfer Center is to support our customers in all questions regarding the UV technology.


UV trainings

The UV Transfer Center offers a full range of training courses and seminars. These are designed for printers, employees and managers in the graphic arts industry who are planning to invest in UV technology or would like to gain more in-depth knowledge. The training courses can be divided into theoretical and practical components, which can be provided separately or together.


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UV proof print

The UV Transfer Center has a 7-colour sheet-fed offset printing press, including coating unit, for tests. Conventional inks as well as hybrid or UV inks can be printed.


UV audit

The UV system audit analyses the components of a UV system. Proposals for servicing, spare parts and energy-saving potential are worked out based on the results of this analysis. The UV process audit involves users of the UV technology. Their expertise is teased out by specific questions and proposals for needs-related training are then submitted.


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Print pattern analysis

The look and handle of printed materials are playing an ever more important role in print finishing. We analyse print patterns with regard to degree of finishing, ink-drying quality and design.


Heat recovery

If you have more than one UV system, it makes sense to talk about heat recovery. We collaborate on a project to work out the optimum energy efficiency of your UV system which takes account of your production set-up.


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Laboratory testing and customised trials

Our aim is to work closely with customers to develop systems tailored to meet their specific requirements and to ensure the best possible integration of these into the production process. In addition to in-house trials, our laboratory is also available to customers to carry out trials to establish the optimum parameters for their products.