Laboratory services


Our aim is to work closely with customers to develop systems tailored to meet their specific requirements and to ensure the best possible integration of these into the production process. In addition to in-house trials, our laboratory is also available to customers to carry out trials to establish the optimum parameters for their products. It is possible to develop complete process runs with the customer and simulate these before actual production starts. Our in-house laboratory is equipped with an extensive range of different types of UV systems, including inert systems, for carrying out curing trials. With the UV laboratory units it is possible to carry out UV curing trials on a wide variety of different sized parts, which may be two- or three-dimensional. Possible applications range from the graphic arts to many industrial applications and the automotive industry.


The laboratory also offers:

  • UV measurements
  • inerting trials
  • printability tests
  • UV transmission
  • spray-coating
  • process development
  • production of simple prototypes
  • trainings

Rental units

Several rental units with different working widths are available for trials on site at customer premises. These trials can be attended by our application engineer on request.

Test equipment

A variety of equipment is available to test the parameters of the system and the characteristics of the inks and varnishes. It is possible to measure:

  • Temperatures, UV peak and UV dose
  • The surface energy level (wetability) of substrates, cross hatch adhesion, adhesion
  • Print density, gloss, scratch resistance, coating thickness, surface weight, etc.

Consulting and support