Coating and Bonding

UV systems from IST Metz are used for different working widths for 2D and 3D applications. The surface treatment of three-dimensional objects makes special demands on curing technology. We therefore offer a number of solutions for a wide variety of requirements of UV coatings – including heat-sensitive materials.

Get more information about the fields of application of our UV systems for your requirements on the following pages.

Wood & wood based materials


Depending on the requirements, wood & wooden materials are coated with a range of UV curing finishes, e.g. fillers, sealants, base and top coats and printed using UV inks. The UV technology is used for the pre-curing and pinning, for the pre-gelling and for matting and final curing of finishes and inks. Excimer systems, LED systems, as well as conventional UV systems are available for this purpose. Protective, decorative or functional surface properties are achieved using UV coatings, inks and varnishes.



  • Chipboards, MDF/HDF fibreboards (raw or finished)
  • Real wood
  • Parquet or wooden floors
  • Mouldings and pressed parts, e.g. bands and profiles, frames, doors and windows
  • Deco foils, Films and Papers


  • Pre-curing/pinning and final curing of finished chipboard and fibreboard, as well as parquet floors and Deco Foils, Films and Papers
  • Matting of finished fibreboards and parquet floors and Deco Foils, Films and Papers
  • Pre-curing/pinning and final curing of finished mouldings & pressed parts
  • Pre-curing/pinning and final curing of finished profiles, strips, doors, frames and windows
  • Pre-curing/pinning and final curing of printed wood & wooden materials (inkjet, rotogravure etc.)

Special features of IST technology

  • Low thermal load of the substrates
  • Reduced energy consumption due to high UV efficiency
  • Curing of complex 3D products with special lamp configurations
  • Retrofitting to existing production systems is possible without any problems thanks to the compact design
  • UV and LED technologies can be operated alternately if required
  • Low nitrogen consumption for inerted UV and Excimer systems
  • Made in Germany: Development and manufacture of the UV core components in the group of companies at the headquarters of the IST Group in Nuertingen
  • Use of simulation software to shorten developments

Industry expertise

  • Longstanding collaboration with equipment manufacturers, OEMs, varnish and raw material manufacturers, associations, as well as research and development centres 
  • Highly developed processing expertise in the wood-processing industry
  • Expertise of integrating UV systems into production machinery
  • The largest selection of UV technologies for wood applications, air or water-cooled, as well as monochromatic or broadband
  • Development of customised, UV curing solutions with LED, UV and Excimer technologies
  • LED, UV and excimer laboratory systems at the headquarters for trials and individual application development in collaboration with an IST team with many years of experience in process engineering.
  • Systems for hire for trials on production machinery
  • Global sales and service subsidiaries for effective customer support
  • Individual business models for end customers and OEMs

Consulting and support