LED and UV inkjet printing

Highest process security and profitability

LED and UV inkjet printing has become increasingly established in the international print market. In the early days, inkjet printing was unable to match the accuracy and quality of offset printing, but further developments in print heads and inks have resulted in major progress in recent years. Inkjet printing boasts a number of advantages compared to the more traditional printing techniques – especially for users of UV technology.

Benefits of LED and UV inkjet printing

In the inkjet printing process, the ink reaches the substrate for printing without any kind of diversion. The split-second curing of the inks means that products can be processed immediately afterwards. Curing UV and LED systems deliver a high level of process reliability, and even small print runs can be produced economically.

  • Minimal “curing times” mean immediate further processing
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance without additional lamination or overcoating
  • Waterless and solvent-free ink does not dry in the print head, meaning process reliability and optimum print head stability
  • Great variety of substrates without additional primer
  • Good layer thickness
  • Brilliant colour and print results

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