UV drying technology for Imprimerie Delferrière

The regional newspaper «Le Quotidien Jurassien» and the weekly newspaper «La Gazette de la region» are edited by Editions D+P SA. The group has its headquarter in Délemont in the swiss Jura which is known mainly for the precision watch making industry.
Created in 1993 from the fusion of two more-than-one- hundred-year old newspapers « Le Démocrate » and « Le Pays », the Quotidien Jurassien is the first newspaper of the french speaking swiss Jura today. The printing of the newspaper is assured by the «Centre d'impression et d'arts graphiques Pressor SA» in Délemont (www.pressor.ch).

To enlarge commercial activities and to response to the growing demand for local high quality colour inserts the group decided end of 2007 to invest more than 8 Million swiss Francs in new technology. Edgar Santschi, the responsible technical Director, explains that the replacement of the existing SOLNA-Distributor with a 48 pages WIFAG OF-7 could only be done with a new building to assure a trouble free production of the daily newspaper. The new double width machine has a web width of 130 cm and a cut-off of 940 mm. Maximum machine speed is 35.000 U/h from which results a web speed of 9,14 m/s. The pre-press is equipped with an AGFA workflow and CTP for AGFA Amigo plates. Mailroom handling is assured with equipment from Müller-Martini.

The UV installation on top of the two OF7 cylinder units for recto and verso-printing consists in three dryers per web side and assures absolute production reliability. The BLK-3 UV System has been specially developed to meet the demands in high speed web offset machines and is designed for reduced air flow and an efficient water-cooled heat management.

Constant tempature level

Water-cooling of the shutters, reflectors and housing ensures that excess heat is efficiently removed from the press. Also, the integrated air-cooling system guarantees consistent operation of the UV lamp. Mainly the robustness and energy efficiency of the system lead to the decision by Pressor to decide for IST-UV. The system does'nt require any Nitrogen supplies and fulfills therefore the demand for low consumption costs and high reliability.


ELC Electronic  power supply device

BLK-3 UV systems are equipped with ELC electronic controls. The integrated output control and electronic controls of the ELC power supply device optimise production safety. The ELC device provides the benefits of high electronic efficiency and reduced operating costs due to its low energy consumption.