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Tubes with tactile surface

In order to demonstrate the use of SENOWEB® UV FILM MATT LACQUER TEXTURED SAND FP UV 5-24/002 A in combination with new, more environmentally friendly and digitally printable tube laminates based on alternative materials, a demo project is being implemented together with Permapack. The new paper-based Stora Enso Natura Shape tube laminate is used as the substrate. To visually and haptically support the ecological approach of this substrate and to enhance the shopping experience for end customers, the tube is given an exceptionally rough and natural-looking surface by the sand texture varnish used.

The demo project will be thematically positioned in the cosmetics industry. A hand cream is selected as the virtual target product.

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Packaging for wet razors

This two-part mono-material packaging with strong visual and tactile effects was produced using energy-saving UV LED printing to demonstrate how environmental awareness can be combined with premium packaging. The focus was on a memorable appearance for two gender variants (men and women).

The UV LED technology used does not utilise mercury lamps, which means that no ozone or UVC radiation is produced. In addition, less energy is consumed as the system can be switched off during breaks and the LEDs can be operated in pulsed and masked mode.

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Premium packaging for cosmetics

As part of PrintCity's Value Added Packaging Initiative, the‘Dano Noda’ project demonstrated how realistic luxurypackaging can be produced in just one production run.

The special shape of the packaging, which is reminiscent of a cut diamond, attracts the attention of customers at the POS thanks to the special reflective behaviour of the various effects used. 

A combination of flexographic printing and screen printing was used in this process.

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