Announced in advance as „the world’s largest in-house exhibition for UV and LED UV technology”, IST METZ now reports official numbers: 45 exhibitors and 920 guests from 33 countries took part in the UV DAYS 2017, thereby breaking its own records. For four days last week the company area of IST METZ GmbH in Nürtingen near Stuttgart, Germany was dedicated for the eighth time to UV and LED UV technology.

From 15th to 18th May IST METZ, together with 45 renowned exhibitors and industry partners, provided information about UV and LED UV in print and industry. 920 guests from 33 countries were welcomed at Nürtingen’s machine builder this year, thus breaking the record from 2015 (670 guests). The event consisted of several print presentations and lectures, company tours, laboratory visits as well as various topics on low migration, LED applications and industrial applications.

Visitors and exhibitors, as well as IST itself, are equally enthusiastic about the UV DAYS: “We are very pleased with the consistently positive feedback we received about the UV DAYS,” said Stefan Feil, Director of Technical Marketing at IST METZ. “This is the best proof for us to continue the event and to draw attention once again to the possibilities of UV and LED UV”.

IST METZ inspires with new ideas

A special feature this year was the food packaging produced by IST METZ especially for the event, which was printed with the consideration of Low Migration. At the UV DAYS, however, not only the various food trucks, who provided the meals in food boxes this year, were very popular with the guests. IST METZ also provided a number of new developments in programming: a panel discussion under the direction of the German trade journal Deutscher Drucker as well as impulse lectures by InPrint co-founder Frazer Chesterman took place for the first time. In addition, IST METZ, in cooperation with the VSKE, presented a new guideline for the printing of food-safe packaging UV technology.

PACKbag – the print job at UV DAYS 2017

For the UV DAYS event IST METZ came up once again with something special: the PACKbag. The PACKbag is a mixture of “packaging” and “bag” and was printed and refined live during UV DAYS on the in-house sheetfed offset printing machine, a Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102-7 LX. Matching the slogan of the event “Ready, Steady, Go!”, the shape of the PACKbag looks like the silhouette of a sports car and at the same time describes the function curve of the new high-performance LED system LEDcure, which was used for the first time during the live print job.