At Metpack, which will take place in Essen from May 2-5, 2023, UV specialist IST METZ will present holistic UV and LED solutions for metal decorating in Hall 2 at Stand 1D22. Thanks to the latest developments and technologies, the world market leader has always had its finger on the pulse for more than 45 years. In Essen, the focus will be on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly curing using UV.

With the BLK® product range, which was developed for the highest industrial requirements, there is an extraordinary increase in drying performance compared to conventional systems without increasing the lamp power. This means more productivity at reduced operating costs. Due to the compact design, the UV system can be individually integrated into the press and the dryers are easily accessible for maintenance purposes. The space requirement is significantly lower compared to thermal drying.

Mixed operation and technology change possible

The air-cooled MBS®c is based on a modular system and can be used variably. In addition, the system is designed for mixed operation with LED-UV and prepared for a possible technology changeover to LED-UV. This means that the two different curing technologies can be easily combined on one machine. With a high output of 200 W/cm, the compact and powerful UV unit is used wherever users place high demands on the curing of cups and tubes. The MBSc features specially doped lamps with ballasts that are precisely matched to them. The URS® swivel reflectors used consist of so-called cold mirrors with more than 60 different metal oxide layers. The particularly resistant reflectors are characterized by very long service lives and optimum heat management. URS® technology has a significantly higher reflectance than conventional reflectors.

Excimer technology available as an option in metal decorating

UV lamps are also used in excimer technology, which has recently been successfully tested in metal decorating. An excimer lamp refers to a source of ultraviolet light that has extremely high-energy emission at a wavelength of 172nm. The result of curing with excimer lamps is super-matt surfaces, which meet the highest standards through subsequent final curing with LED, UV or EB (Electron-beam).

LEDcure- modular, compact, powerful

A clever modular basic concept combined with a robust and compact design gives users in metal decorating maximum flexibility and versatility. The system is freely scalable in length and can be adapted to all machine formats and installation situations. This makes it possible to use one LEDcure unit at different positions on a machine. Thanks to XT8 booster technology, the LEDcure has up to 30% more power than other LED systems available on the market. Other highlights of the new LEDcure include the simple replacement of the optics and the possibility of upgrading the LED chips at a later date.