UV technology for metal decorating

When compared to conventional UV systems, remarkable progress has been made in drying performance without having to increase the UV lamp output. This means greater productivity with reduced operating costs.




In metal decorating, two different types of reflectors can be used in the UV units to achieve the best results for the application. Depending on the product’s requirements, the customer can choose between a warm (URS®-A) or a more cold (URS®) system. The Inlay Technology facilitates a quick change of the reflectors and thus reduces maintenance times to a minimum.




The BLK® series combines a water-cooled support and reflector profile which reduces the amount of exhaust air. The solid cross-section enables lengths of up to 2,300 mm to be achieved. Due to its compact design, the UV dryer can be integrated into the machine and the dryers remain easily accessible for maintenance purposes.




The IST UV Online Sensor for the measurement of the UV radiation efficiency or the IPS control system are optionally available.

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