UV-Aggregate der IST METZ für industrielle Anwendungen

UV systems

The UV curing process uses UV energy and light from the visible light spectrum in wavelengths from 200 to 480 nm. UV energy "cures" inks and varnishes in a fraction of a second. IST METZ offers system concepts for the areas of printing, coating and bonding as well as inkjet.


Printing     Coating and bonding     INKJET


BLK LAMPcure is especially developed to meet the highest requirements. When compared to conventional UV systems, remarkable progress has been made in the drying performance of the BLK LAMPcure without having to increase the UV output. This means greater productivity with reduced operating costs.


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The new generation of the MBS UV system for label printing is based on innovative solutions: The URS Duo Reflector Technology and the ELC-X electronic power supply device deliver a significant reduction in operating costs, leading to more economical production with consistently high quality and productivity, all that at relatively low investment costs.


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The BLK CI is a new UV drying system that was specially developed for use in central cylinder machinery. Due to their compact size, central cylinder machines only allow very little space for UV dryers and require perfect heat management. There are many features that make it easier for the user to operate the UV drying, guaranteeing optimum production conditions.



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The MBS LI type UV system combines the specific requirements of the market with drying technology based on the latest technical developments in UV system manufacturing. The unit has been specially developed for applications with a high power requirement. A lamp output up to 270 W/cm guarantees optimum curing. The compact construction, with weight-optimised units, allows easy and economical integration of the UV system into the printing system or production line.


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Industrial production processes require reliable and economical design technology. The MBS L represents a powerful air-cooled UV unit with a lamp length of 550 to 1600 mm and a maximum lamp output of 200 W/cm.


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The new UV sheet-fed-drying system represents a further optimisation of our proven technology when it comes to output and energy usage. Only two individual plug-in modules with an output of 200 W/cm each are normally used for sheet-fed end-of-press drying. The UV output generated is comparable with a common three-lamp system. Significant energy savings can therefore be achieved, depending on the application.


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Low Energy UV

The new LE UV system has now made it possible for all commercial printers to benefit from the advantages of energy-minimised drying - at low investment and operating costs! Just one dryer is required in the machine for all standard commercial printers. For perfecting presses, a dryer is additionally used before the perfecting device.


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