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UV System low energy UV

Low Energy UV curing for sheetfed printing

The LE UV system has now made it possible for all commercial printers to benefit from the advantages of energy-minimised drying - at low investment and operating costs! Just one dryer is required in the machine for all standard commercial printers. For perfecting presses, a dryer is additionally used before the perfecting device.

Immediate drying of the printing ink

  • The sheet can be passed on immediately for further processing, there is no interim storage required for drying the printed sheets
  • There is no need for powder to be used
  • Good level of abrasion resistance, no protective coating required
  • There is no additional IR drying necessary, thus saving energy costs

Brilliant print results

Thanks to maximum process reliability and immediate drying, the highest of quality standards are met
  • Low level of ink setting
  • Bleed ink area possible
  • Superb finishing options

Less space required for drying

The innovative LE UV system takes up less space in the printing room than both conventional drying systems and traditional UV systems:
  • No delivery extension necessary for drying
  • Space required for switch cabinet, heat exchanger and exhaust-air unit < 2 m²
  • No interim storage needed for printed sheets

Ozone-free operation

The use of special lamps facilitates an ozone-free operation.