Food packaging

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Candy Box

Under the motto of “Value Added Packaging”, the Candy Box stands out as an incline-produced food packaging with a memorable shape, look and functionality.

This exhibit shows that even unusual packaging blanks with a high degree of finishing can be produced highly efficiently and particularly economically inline in just one work step.

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El Drago‘ Verde’ drinks packaging

Packaging that immediately catches the eye thanks to the perfect interplay of shape, design and finishing. Thanks to various visual and tactile effects, this packaging creates a high recognition value for the customer at the POS.

Production takes place inline, i.e. in a single work step. The decisive factor here is the precise coordination of the materials and components with the production system.

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Packaging concept for coffee capsules

As part of IST's in-house ‘UV Days’ trade fair, a multi-layered print packaging concept was developed for different coffee characters.

“be Fair”

The sleeve was printed on Gmund Bio Cycle Wheat Straw paper to match the sustainable coffee variety. 

"be Venturous"

In keeping with the rather bold coffee variety, this packaging was printed on Gmund Colors 72 matt paper in combination with cool printing colours. 

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Food tin for Ricola

A CO2-reduced can made of bluemint® steel was launched on the market for the Swiss company Ricola in 2022.

The production process involved printing on tinplate, including 3D coating, which creates both a visual and tactile effect. This process was used with UV drying systems from IST.

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Food packaging barrier coating

For the presentation of the low-migration SENOLITH® WB BARRIER COATING FP PLUS 350023 developed by WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH in combination with the new and also food-safe SENOFLEX® WB INKS FP DC, a demo project was realised together with the STI Group. The project involved the production of a total of four different To-Go folding boxes, as used for the packaging of donuts and similar confectionery at the POS. The outside of this packaging was then given a protective coating of SENOLITH® WB GLOSS COATING SCUFF COAT FP PLUS 350279, which is also low-migration and suitable for direct food contact. Finally, the packaging was successfully certified by the Technical University of Darmstadt for testing according to PTS RH021/97 Cat.1 for recyclability. Tests based on the final packaging show an excellent barrier performance of the barrier coating used. Moisture or grease penetration of the substrate could not be detected under laboratory conditions. For design and marketing reasons, the side flaps on the inside of these demo packs were also printed. In real productions, these would have to be kept free of ink and coating to be on the safe side, as they do not have the necessary coating barrier.

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