High dose, compact, water cooled UV LED solution

SCX HD is the higher dose version of the SCX with its unbeaten peak and dose irradiation and unmatched linearity of output. Slim and compact architecture enables easy integration while the water cooled feature will provide stable precision high output.

By combining and integrating Integration Technology’s latest XT8 high efficiency array and STEADYcool technologies, the SCX HD  enables users to achieve higher efficiency and more output in terms of both intensity and dose.


Water-cooling for lamps and UV LEDs
Water-cooling of the LED chips for high efficiency and a long life time of the system.
XT8 - UV LED booster
The concept of optical coupling out and heat management newly developed with the XT8 technology permits an output up to 30 % higher; this simultaneously treats the LED chips gently, increases service life and protects the chips from external effects.

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