LED UV technology

Just like UV lamps, LEDs can also be used with UV light for the curing of coating layers. The technology boasts specific advantages, depending on the application.


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Basics of LED UV technology

The technology, with which inks, varnishes, silicones and adhesive are cured using UV light, has plenty to offer the printing and coating industry. Since the start of this millennium, LEDs have been used in addition to arc lamps for UV curing.


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Measurement technology

The output of a UV lamp is measured in W/cm. It describes the electrical input, i.e. the electrical power input per centimetre of lamp length. The output of a UV LED, however, is given in W/cm². This represents the optical output, i.e. the light output per square centimetre.


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Energy balance

Is an LED UV system more economical than a lamp system? How is energy saved with an LED UV system? This is possibly the most frequently asked question when it comes to LED-UV technology, and there is no standard answer.


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UV LED versus UV lamp

LEDs have already become a popular choice for lighting. In the printing industry, the merits of LED UV technology compared to systems with UV lamps have also been under discussion for several years now. In other industries, the new technology is still getting started.


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